Materials Colloquium 2022

Wednesday, 4:30 pm

Two talks (20-25 minutes each) plus discussion (5-10 minutes each).
In-person in HCI G3 (The Colloquium is no longer held via Zoom)

March, 2nd

Eldho Edison
Multifunctional Materials — D-MATL
Sodium ion batteries: Opportunities and challenges

Sebastian Gliga
Laboratory for Condensed Matter — PSI
Dancing round in a ring: Magnetic vortices in three dimensions

April, 6th

Aria Mansouri
Materials Theory — D-MATL
Accelerating the search for functional materials using machine learning methods

Mihai Stoica
Metal Physics and Technology — D-MATL
Soft magnetic Fe-based bulk glassy alloys- a comprehensive case study

May, 4th

Rolf Erni
Electron Microscopy Center — EMPA
Birth of solids studied by liquid-phase electron microscopy

Maria Feofilova
Soft and Living Materials — D-MATL
Frustrated frustules: Geometrical frustration in the diatom cell wall

October, 5th

Ahmet Demirörs
Complex Materials — D-MATL
Soft magnetic carpets for transport of solids, liquids and droplets

Hans Kroha
Universität Bonn
Heavy-fermion materials: How electrons get heavy and ultimately pass away

November, 2nd

Cari Dutcher
University of Minnesota
Foams and emulsions: Deforming bubbles and coalescing droplets with microscale flows

Arkadiy Simonov
Multifunctional Ferroic Materials — D-MATL
Understanding disordered crystals: A lesson from machine learning

December, 14th

Esther Amstad
Soft Materials Laboratory — EPFL
3D printing of adaptive, load-bearing hydrogels

Martina Cihova
Imperial College London
Zooming in on material-cell interfaces

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