3rd Image Contest

All contributions:

Pfannenstiel, Zurich by Nic Spencer
Reflections by Adrian Ensmenger
Spot your (probably) worst nightmare by Ipek Efe
Desert, Dunes and Dust by Alexander Firlus
Serene sunset in Entlebuch by Aleksandr Kurenkov
The Last Dance by Claudia Sigel
“How to Enjoy Swiss Autumn” - Mong by Junggou Kwon
Rainbow on autumn leaf by Tian Liu
Autumn collage by Xanthe Verbeek
"Golden Fall, the needles paving the path" and "Peaceful Autumn on the Matterhorn" by Xavier Guichard
Autumn colours come and go by Sara Morgenthaler
Autumn on the Hönggerberg by Andrea Testa
Zurich Nightfall by Linda Wehner