D-MATL Seminar 2017

HCI G7, 16:30

Two talks (20 minutes each) plus discussion (10 minutes each) followed by an apero

May, 9th, 15:30

Prof. Dr. R. Dunin-Borkowski (ER-C, FZ Jülich, visiting professor at LMPT)
Electromagnetic field mapping at the nanoscale in the transmission electron microscope

Dr. K. Jensen (Soft and Living Materials)
Sticking with Soft Solids

June, 14th

Dr. R. Simic (Surface Science and Technology)
Mimicking biolubrication by modifying hydrogel surfaces

A. Reiser (Nano Metallurgy)
Microscale metal additive manufacturing

July, 12th

Dr. R. Libanori (Complex Materials)
Current challenges in the fabrication of bio-inspired composites

Prof. Dr. C. Ederer (Materials Theory)
Cool stuff with ferroics - towards future solid state refrigeration

August, 9th

Dr. D. Kundu (Multifunctional Materials)
Batteries for safe and large-scale energy storage

Dr. I. Buttinoni (Interfaces, Soft Matter & Assembly)
Colloidal microswimmers

September, 13th

Dr. R. Style (Soft and Living Materials)
Making model soft composites

Dr. M. Trassin (Multifunctional Ferroic Materials)
Nanoscale control of polarization in ultrathin ferroelectric heterostructures

October, 11th


Prof. Dr. P. Walde (Polymer Chemistry)
Preparation and applications of dendronized polymer-enzyme conjugates

Dr. R. Schäublin (Metal Physics and Technology)
Opportunities and challenges in TEM dynamic studies of metals

November, 8th


Prof. Dr. W. Caseri (Multifunctional Materials)
Synthesis and characterization of materials: An example

Dr. K. Celebi (Polymer Chemistry)
Nanoscale mass transport across two-dimensional materials

December, 12th

Dr. N. Leo (Mesoscopic Systems, PSI)
Magnetic correlations in artificial spin systems

Dr. R. Vutukuri (Soft Materials)
Dynamic self-organization of artificial microswimmers