About SAM

Founded in spring 2014, SAM counts more than 80 members from various research groups at the Department of Materials. The SAM board consists of its president Cameron Boggon, vice president Nikolaus Porenta, VP of finance Štefan Stanko, Viktor Wessely, Vladimir Vojtech, Chia-Jung Yang, Maria-Nefeli Antonopoulou, Zazo Meijs and Ipek Efe.

Next to representing the scientific staff in the Department Conference (Cameron and Stefan) and in the Teaching Commission (Ipek and Maria-Nefeli), we regularly organize events for our members and friends to get to know each other and to promote inter-departmental knowledge spillover and cooperation. After a rooftop inauguration apero with self-made ice cream, we have organized BBQs in the bamboo garden, fun poker tournaments, Feuerzangenbowlen, breakfast meetings on job interviews, pub nights and parties in collaboration with VAC and PSA in the Lochness (events).

In addition to social events over the course of the year, we organise the Materials Colloquium to provide a platform for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, group leaders and professors to present their work and groups to their colleagues. The first Phd-PostDoc Retreat took place in August 2017, was repeated in June 2018, July 2019, March 2022, August 2022 and will take place again in 2023.

If you want to join SAM, sign up for AVETH! Half of your monthly contribution to AVETH goes to SAM and via us back to you, in the form of social and networking events. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SAM board, just email sam@mat.ethz.ch