Materials Colloquium 2024

Tuesday, 4:30 pm

Two talks (20-25 minutes each) plus discussion (5-10 minutes each).

Note the Colloquium is not held via Zoom.

February, 6th

Walter Remo Caseri – Emeritus Special Edition
 Laboratory for Multifunctional Materials
“Roman Concrete and Its Role in the Development of
Modern Cement ”

HCI J7, Hönggerberg.

March, 5th

Hedan Bai
Laboratory for Robotic Materials
“Optically Innervated Robotic Materials: From Soft Robotics
To Bioelectronics ”

Gina Greenidge
 National Physical Laboratory London
“Novel Methods of Engineering and Characterizing Carbon
Materials for Sustainable Applications”

April, 9th

Dennis M. Kochmann
Mechanics and Materials Lab, D-MAVT
“Machine Learning for the Inverse Design of (Meta-)

Rebecca Gallivan
Laboratory for Nanometallurgy
“Harnessing Size Effects: Where Nanostructures Meet
Additive Manufacturing”

May, 7th

Carla Fernández-Rico
Laboratory for Complex Materials
“Elastic Microphase Separation Produces Bicontinuous

Giulia Tagliabue
Laboratory of Nanoscience for Energy Technologies, EPFL
“Unravelling Plasmonic Photoelectrochemistry at Macroand Micro-scales”

June, 4th

Jeff Wheeler
Laboratory for Metal Physics and Technology
“Correlated Mechanical Microscopy via high-speed
nanoindentation with EDX and EBSD”

Antoni Gandia
Planted Foods AG
“From the forest to the table: A career in farming

October, 1st

Daryl Yee
Laboratory for the Chemistry of Materials and Manufacturing, EPFL
“Simple Chemistries to 3D Print Difficult Materials ”

Andrea Urru
Condensed Matter Theory Group, Rutgers University
“Breaking time-reversal in centrosymmetric
antiferromagnets: magnetic octupoles and their link to
magnetoelectric effects and surface magnetization”

November, 5th

Robert Style
Laboratory for Soft Materials and Interfaces
“How freezing breaks soft materials”

Marianne Liebi
Laboratory for X-ray Characterization of Materials, EPFL
“Imaging with X-ray scattering contrast for the
characterization of hierarchical material structure”

December, 3rd

Jonathan Schmidt
Materials Theory Group
“Machine Learning Materials”

Maria-Nefeli Antonopoulou
Laboratory for Polymeric Materials
“How to polymerize without free radical initiator”