Materials Colloquium 2019

Wednesday, 16:30

Two talks (20 minutes each) plus discussion (10 minutes each) followed by an apéro, kindly sponsored by D-MATL

February, 6th, HCI J3

Francesco Stellacci (EPFL)
Amphiphilic interactions in soft matter

Henning Galinski (Laboratory for Nanometallurgy, D-MATL)
Complex metamaterials: how I learned to stop worrying and love disorder 






March, 6th, HPV G5

Celestino Padeste (PSI)
When photons meet polymers: examples from SLS and SwissFEL

Silke Schön (FIRST Lab)
Nanostructures: fabrication and characterization






April, 3rd, HCI J7

Rachel Grange (D-PHYS)
Quadratic nanomaterials for nonlinear integrated photonic devices

Kunal Masania (Complex Materials, D-MATL)
Fabrication of architectured composite materials





May, 8th, HCI J7

Johann Michler (EMPA Thun)
Micro- and nanomechanical properties of materials: a journey from Swiss watch parts
to 3D microprinted metamaterials and human bone

Christoforos Moutafis (University of Manchester)
Magnetic skyrmions and the quest to use topological solitons for nanocomputing




Special Edition of the Materials Colloquium

July, 8th, HCI J7

David Schilter (Editor of Nature Reviews Chemistry)
Presenting chemistry and materials science research















September, 4th, HCI J7

Qin Xu (Soft and Living Materials, D-MATL)
Direct observations of dewetting process on interface of soft gels

Maksym Yarema (D-ITET)
Tailor-made chalcogenide colloids: tuning size, composition, and structure of nanomaterials








October, 2nd, HPV G5
Rowena Crockett (EMPA Dübendorf)
Stick-slip: the sounds of Jean Tinguely

Petr Novák (D-CHAB/PSI)
Battery materials and their operando characterization











November, 6th, HPV G5

Sebastian Huber (D-PHYS)
Topological mechanical metamaterials

Güven Kurtuldu (Metal Physics and Technology, D-MATL)
Fast differential scanning calorimetry: opportunities and limitations











December, 4th, HPV G5

Nick Jaensson (Soft Materials, D-MATL)
Unraveling the role of complex interfacial rheology in drop and bubble coalescence

Guillaume Habert (D-BAUG)
Building to heal – development of regenerative building

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