D-MATL Seminar 2018

Wednesday, 16:30

Two talks (20 minutes each) plus discussion (10 minutes each) followed by an apero

February, 28th, HCI J7

Prof. Dr. Dennis Kochmann (D-MAVT)
How simulations can help understand the link between mesoscale mechanics and macroscopic material behavior

Dr. Jeffrey Wheeler (Nanometallurgy)
Advanced micro-mechanics for combinatorial materials science

March, 28th, HPV G5

Prof. Dr. David Norris (D-MAVT)
The magic and mystery of semiconductor nanoplatelets

Dr. Xiaocheng Shang (Polymer Physics)
Assessing numerical methods for molecular and particle simulation

May, 2nd, HCI J7

Prof. Dr. Raffaele Mezzenga (D-HEST)
Amyloid nematic and cholesteric phases

Dr. Michalis Charilaou (Metal Physics and Technology)
Fundamentals and applications of magnetic nanostructures: a 2500-year-old Story

June, 6th, HCI J3

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lippert (D-CHAB)
Growth of thin films by pulsed laser deposition - fundamentals and applications

Dr. Ahmet Demirörs (Complex Materials)
Electric and magnetic manipulation of colloids for materials and devices

July, 11th, HCI J3

Dr. Alla Sologubenko (Nanometallurgy/ScopeM)
Transmission electron microscopy at Hönggerberg or how ScopeM can help you

Dr. Alessandro Lauria (Multifunctional Materials)
Structure-function relationship in optical nanomaterials

September, 5th, HCI J3

Prof. Dr. Janos Vörös (D-ITET)
Metal nanowires in an elastomer: an interesting composite material for bioelectronics

Dr. Stephan Gerstl (ScopeM & LMPT)
Atom-by-atom tomography

October, 3rd, HPV G5

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stemmer (D-MAVT)
Atomic force microscopy of thin films, crystals, and nanoscale electronic structures

Dr. Diane Lançon (Mesoscopic Systems, PSI)
Frustrated magnetism in TmB4: beyond conventional magnetic order

November, 7th, HPV G5

Prof. Dr. Ingo Burgert (D-BAUG)
Bio-inspired wood materials

Dr. Edmondo Benetti (Surface Science and Technology)
Chemical and topological evolution of polymer biointerfaces

December, 5th, HPV G5

Prof. Dr. Sotiris Pratsinis (D-MAVT)
Flame-made films and particles for biomedics

Dr. Thomas Weber (D-MATL X-Ray Service Platform)
X-rays, structures and more

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