Materials Colloquium 2023

Wednesday, 4:30 pm

Two talks (20-25 minutes each) plus discussion (5-10 minutes each).
HCI J4, Hönggerberg.
Note the Colloquium is not held via Zoom.

March, 1st

Eleonora Secchi
Institute of Enviromental Engineering — DBAUG/Visiting scientist at the Laboratory for Soft Materials and Interfaces
What shapes bacterial biofilms? A material science perspective

Taylor D. Sparks
University of Utah/Visiting professor at the Materials Theory Group
Materials informatics: Moving beyond screening via generative machine learning models

April, 5th

Patrick Rühs
Planted Foods AG
Better than meat with material science

Georg Haberfehlner
Austrian Centre for Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis
Spectroscopic electron microscopy in two and three dimensions

May, 3rd

Nancy Burnham
Worcester Polytechnic Institute/Visiting professor at EMPA
The nanomaterial beneath your feet

Christina Myra Tringides
Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (LBB) — D-ITET
Developing tissue-like materials: from the organ to cell scales

October, 4th

Mark Senn
Univeristy of Warwick
Overcoming electronic phase separation in the cuprates and manganites: New mechanistic insights into colossal magnetoresistance and high-Tc superconductivity

Alan Maigné
Nano characterization using Electron Microscopy

November, 8th

Georgy Filonenko
TU Delft
Spaces and stresses in soft matter from molecular viewpoint

Sophie Weber
Materials Theory — D-MATL
Surface magnetization in antiferromagnetics from first-principles calculations: symmetry considerations, temperature dependence and candidate materials

December, 6th

Jan Vermant
Soft Materials— D-MATL
No Beer without Foam. What beer foam teaches us about materials’ design.

Monica Ciomaga Hatnean
Materials Discovery Laboratory— D-MATL/PSI
Materials discovery through crystal growth