Materials Colloquium 2021, December 1st


Low-Dimensional Optoelectronics

Lukas Novotny (Photonics Laboratory – D-ITET)

To co-integrate photonics with electronics the length-scale of optical devices has to be reduced below the wavelength of light. To achieve this goal we interface optical antennas made of noble metals with low-dimensional materials, such as graphene, hexagonal boron-nitride (hBN) and transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). Optical antennas enhance the interaction strength and boost the efficiency of low-dimensional optoelectronic devices.

In this talk I will describe different low-dimensional optoelectronic devices that we recently fabricated and characterized. These include 1) waveguide-integrated photodetectors based on MoTe2, 2) light-emitting devices based on inelastic electron tunneling, and 3) nonlinear phased array antennas for directional photon emission.

Six-axis multi-process additive manufacturing for implantable medical devices

Fergal Coulter (Complex Materials – D-MATL)

The presentation will focus on multi-axis additive manufacturing techniques for fabricating bio-hybrid implantable devices. Example objects are detailed, such as patient-specific prosthetic heart valves [1] and cellular macro-encapsulation devices. The design and fabrication of custom 3D printers and vision system hardware, required for their manufacture is also outlined.

Multi-material objects with unique properties are realised by combining multiple deposition techniques - direct ink writing, spray deposition, micro-jetting and/or thermoplastic pellet extrusion - with laser-based 3D scanning techniques. Examples include inflatable minimum energy structures containing bonded layers with differing levels of stress [2]; living bio-inks printed over the surfaces of complex multi-curved mandrels and selectively permeable membranes that are found to encourage cellular on-growth [3].

[1] Bioinspired Heart Valve Prosthesis Made by Silicone Additive Manufacturing in Matter 2019
[2] Production Techniques for 3D Printed Inflatable Elastomer Structures: Part II in 3DP&AM 2018
[3] Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Scale Porous Soft Tissue Implants That Encourage Vascularization and Tissue Ingrowth. Adv Healthcare Matr. 2021

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