Materials Colloquium 2021, April 21st


Open Access - funding opportunities and requirements within and outside ETH Zurich

Rainer Rees Mertins (ETH library – Open Access specialist)

The transformation in scholarly publishing is reflected in the increasing importance of open access, which is  becoming the new standard. The rapid growth of Open Access has been fueled by several factors. One of the most important being the requirements of science funders to make publicly funded research results available to the public. Nevertheless, many scientists also support open access publishing because they are skeptical towards the traditional publishers, the facilitated re-use of publications and the higher citation rates of open access publications. The talk will cover background information on open access and its advantages, but will mainly focus on the practical aspects and how ETH members can publish open access either via library funding or as green open access in the Research Collection. The open access requirements of the
most important funders as well as the institutional open access policy will also be covered.

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