SAM Poker Night 2017

Dear all,

On Wednesday, the 15th of November, you are invited to the SAM Poker Night, which will take place at the Materials Science “secret” pub.

The event kick-off is at 18.30 with these rules:

  • 3 or 4 poker tables will be organized. The number of participants is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot below.
  • At the sound of the bell the blinds will double.
  • At around 20.30/21.00 the games will be over and the winners from each table will form a final group for the final game.
  • The final winner will be awarded with a fancy, very impressive prize.

As the number of players is limited, make sure to reserve your poker seat by filling out the following doodle:

If you wish to come along without playing, you are free to do so! No need for registration.

Save the date: good beer, snacks and crazy gambling moves in a relaxing atmosphere are waiting for you!

Your SAM-Team,

Vivian, Murielle, Martina, Stefano, Paolo, Kilian, Volker