Dr. Dipan Kundu

Batteries for safe and large-scale energy storage

Energy storage technologies are essential to integrate and optimize the use of intermittent renewable energy sources. Not to mention that large scale energy storage can even transform the way we generate, distribute, and consume electricity. Among various options that we have at our disposal, electrochemical energy storage offers great flexibility in the design of energy storage systems. In case of large scale storage, where energy and power densities take a backseat, and cost, longevity, and safety become utmost important, aqueous batteries become favorable candidates. Through this talk I will present our recent work on the development of an aqueous rechargeable battery and discuss the underlying mechanism for its excellent performance. In addition, we will also peek into our ongoing and future efforts to enable the use of alkali metal for high energy batteries and improve the performance characteristics of aqueous batteries.

Overview D-MATL Seminar